Monday, September 7, 2009

Introducing Izzy

Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself- Isabel Rhapsody, at your service... Sort of! I have recently concluded the idea of a blog sounds like great fun (undoubtedly more for me than you, dear reader!) so here it is- "Rhapsodic Steampunkery". Yes, that's the best I could come up with *sticks out tongue*... My journey to this place in my second life has followed a rather predictable course, I am sure. Upon rezzing as a duck-walking noob with requisite pink polka-dots and ponytail, I found my way (as most do) to a coffee shop of sorts (where's the caffeine buzz?) where I was befriended by those older and wiser than myself. Taking me in hand, explaining what an "AO" was and generally addicting me to SL shopping, they assisted in transforming me into something less horrifying than "Girl Next Door". Newly made over and thus intrepid in my exploration, I set out in search of those things that interested me. Never one to pass up a chance to dress-up, I made a bee-line for the Neo-Victorian. I was in linden- sucking heaven!! Dresses!! Corsets!! Hats!!! But then.... THEN... What's this? Gears? Steam? AIRSHIPS?? In a conversion experience no less soul-stirring than that of the most devout religious, I discovered STEAMPUNK. Dear reader, I stand before you forever changed. The apparent dichotomy of a tightly-laced girl in highbuttoned boots fearlessly flying an airship and concealing a weapon in her skirts while brass, gears, and steam whirled around her was intoxicating!! I have found my place in the metaverse!


  1. This lovely woman has a corset so tight that it will... (insert funny phrase here)...

    She's a peach, with the style of a magical "around the world in 80 days" kinda cool.

    Check her out!

  2. Hiya Izzy - I think the blog name is brilliant and I'm looking forward to more posts :)x